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 Beijing Kunpeng DeXiang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is the world's leading manufacturers in full-color EPDM prefabricated dynamic rubber track roll material. Headquartered in Beijing, the subsidiary is located in Xinpu industrial park, Lianyungang, Jiangsu province, covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area of 20000 square meters, specialized in "prefabricated EPDM rubber field coil" research, production and installation, we are a successful enterprise to promote the EPDM rubber field coil in the world.


  Our Company has nearly 10 years technique cumulative in the field of China rubber runway. Since we established, we always work hard on scientific and technological innovation, with great concentration technology research and development of products, focus on creating professional, dedicated and highly qualified R&D team. Our company has a long cooperation with several famous universities; set up the PhD, master's production items. Company has received the national patent, products are exported to dozens of countries around the world. Our core product prefabricated EPDM plastic runway won the international invention exhibition silver medal, which proves the EPDM rubber industry technical ability of China has reached the international leading position.


  Our main products including EPDM prefabricated plastic runway coil type, EPDM color granules and other EPDM environmental protection health products series, have been recognized by the IAAF, ISO9001, ISO14001. Our company has been awarded High-Tech Enterprise Certification and other Industry Authority Certifications. Also we have been recognized by the IAAF designated supplier MRI POLYTECH British company production & sales license.

  Other main products are EPDM mixing rubber, AEM mixing rubber, polyurethane rubber mixing rubber, silicon fluorine mixing rubber, dynamic vulcanization type prefabricated runway, mobile granary, environmental protection, prevent infiltration sheet, ethylene propylene rubber grafted, TPV, TPE, TPU, modified polyester, modified polypropylene, modified polyethylene, modified nylon, the above toughening effect of modified products on the basis of the raw materials can increase by 3-20 times.

  We (DX) focus on extending environmental health prefabricated EPDM rubber runway into professional sports venues, the national Fit-keeping sites and universities & colleges, middle school, primary school and kindergartens. DX insists on consistently advocated by the "healthy environmental protection, innovation in the future" concept, provides and ensure our users a healthy environmental protection outstanding quality from the source. Building the international first-class prefabricated EPDM rubber runway through our professional technology, quality control and construction team. We always adhere to the product quality as the basis, technology R&D as the core, customer service as fundamental as enterprise management policy. We firmly believe that only uphold the "professional, innovation, enterprising, win-win" enterprise spirit, and committed to providing healthy environmental protection high-tech materials products for the society, could we continue to create a more brilliant future, achievement belongs to all users of social values.