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Sales Services

Beijing Kunpeng Dexiang New Material Service

Pre-sale: Provide for free the samples, parameters and the corresponding design scheme. 

Select and customize services to the maximum extent to meet different requirements of customer.

On-sale: The technical personnel will arrive at the construction site on schedule to make verification and validation on the field situation, the floor quality and the requirements for pavement materials and construction.   

If you have your own construction team, we will provide for free the technical instructions for product pavement. If you select us for construction, our professional sales team and technical engineers will track the contract implementation in overall process, strictly control quality, supervise and urge production, control the progress, timely address various problems through communication and complete the pavement of track and venue. 

After-sale: EPDM pre-fabricated rubber roll materials produced by Beijing Kupeng Dexiang New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd. have service life of 15~30 years(according to product models, product use environment, the climate conditions of different regions, including ultraviolet irradiation intensity, climate conditions,  yearly temperature difference, rainfall, and  pollution control conditions). The guarantee period is 8 years. In case of any damage caused by quality problem in EPDM roll material for plastic rubber track within guarantee period, this company will replace new plastic rubber roll material for free. Sale service hot line:010 - 82000100.