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EPDM prefabricated rubber track series - Suchi

The meaning of the name:
"Suchi" means "Run quickly, happy sports", wishes the students grow up healthily and happily.

Product attributes:
Product for training.

Product features:
1.Integrated material technology, made of good quality EPDM rubber, green and environmental.
2.Technical formula of High density and high elasticity.
3.Good weather resistance and ageing resistance.
4.Excellent shock absorption capability.
5.With excellent tensile strength and elongation at break.
6.Absolutely does not contain harmful plasticizer, softener, such as aromatic alkane, benzene softener. The safety of the product has reach the requirements of the national food grade rubber products.

Applicable scope:
Any type of track and field of competition and training standards venues, including high, meddle and primary school teaching, training, competition venues and professional training field in sports center, etc.

Type of production:
Suchi runway, the training product of Dexiang, is suitable for the training venues which is used by children or adolescent. The special material ratio makes the runway becomes very soft, it is effective to protect the skeletal development of minors, and avoid the joint damage.