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EPDM prefabricated rubber runway series - Pangu

The meaning of the name:
Pan Gu, creator of the universe in Chinese mythology.
Product attributes:
Product for competition.

Product features
1.Integrated material technology, made of good quality EPDM rubber, green and environmental.
2.High quality materials, top ratio process, excellent stability.
3.The complexity and balance of the product is excellent.
4.Weather resistance and ageing resistance is much better than similar products. 
5.With the most excellent tensile strength and elongation at break.
6.Has remarkable performance in anti spike and friction resistance.
7.Absolutely does not contain harmful plasticizer, softener, such as aromatic alkane, benzene softener. The safety of the product has reach the requirements of the national food grade rubber products.

Applicable scope:
The Olympic Games and professional training venues, the intercontinental games and professional training venues, the National Games and professional training venues.

Product type:
Pangu high-end runway is the competition product of Dexiang, the material and technology is design for the competition only. In the scope of the IAAF standard, provides the strongest energy feedback for athletes, is conducive for them to have the best achievement on the runway. It is the only designated rubber products of Jakarta stadium in 18th Jakarta Asian Games .