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The Rubber Runway of Jinling Middle School which is laid by Dexiang,Have Been Used For A Month Witho

2016-10-10 17:23:11 Source: DX


    According to the news report,more than 100 students have chest tightness, itchy eyes, sore throat, cough, dizziness, vomiting, persistent thirst, and even lymphadenopathy, Gastrointestinal bleeding and other discomfort, in the Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Campus, which was just completed in August this year. The parents feel astonished and tensive, and doubt about the environment of this new campus.

    In this regard, Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi Campus, announced " the testing result of indoor air quality on campus ". The test report shows it passed the national standards, but still invited some parents to participate in the second test. In recent years, as so many such incidents have occurred, whether environmentally friendly is being an important factor of the products, and need more stringent testing standards to check.

    The runway of Another century-old school - Nanjing Jinling Middle School, is laid in similar time to Nanjing Foreign Language School Hexi campus. Nanjing Jinling Middle School renovated about 10,000 square meters of sports venues this year, which is using Dexiang EPDM prefabricated rubber runway, have been used for a month without any problem.

      The biggest feature of DeXiang EPDM prefabricated rubber track material is environmental non-toxic. It is a kind of internationally accepted excellent rubber runway products . This runway material is not only environmentally friendly, but also have better preference in chemical properties or physical properties than are ordinary runway material. It is a nice choice for the laying of the runway.
      De Xiang's EPDM pre-fabricated rubber track material completely passed " the most stringent" Shanghai group standard and Shenzhen standard. After the “toxic runway” incident, on the basic of international standard, this two new local testing standards detect many different index of the runway. Recently, Dexiang signed to be the s exclusive rubber runway, artificial grass products and services supplier of the Olympic Council of Asia, that proves Dexiang’s products are reliable and recognized. Using environmentally friendly rubber runway products, is not only responsible for children, but also for the environment. After so many "toxic runway" incident, we hope people realize the importance of the environmentally friendly products.