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The OCA signed De Xiang to become the exclusive supplier of rubber runway and artificial grass......

2016-10-18 13:09:29 Source: DX

The OCA signed De Xiang to become the exclusive supplier of rubber runway and artificial grass and services

(Mr.Zhang Lijing and Mr.Husain signed at the signing ceremony)

(Mr.Zhang Lijing and Mr.Husain made a cooperation at the signing ceremony)

Mr.Zhang Lijing and Prince Ahmed

    In September 24th, 2016,The director of Beijing Kunpeng Dexiang New materials Technology Co.,Ltd,Mr.Zhang lijing, and the General Manager,Mr.Fang Haihong, met with The Chairman of OCA,Prince Ahmed in Vietnam.They have accomplished the signing ceremony of the exclusive supplier of rubber runway and artificial grass and services,Dexiang officially became the official partner of OCA. Also presented at the signing ceremony were the Director General of the OCA, Mr.Husain and Jakarta Asian Games Marketing Director, Ms. Lima.

From left:Mr.Fang Haihong,Ms.Lima,Mr.Zhang Lijing

    “OCA” full name“Asian Olympic Council (OCA)”,was founded in 1982,Its predecessor was Asian Games Federation, which was established in New Delhi in February 13rd,1949.The OCA Headquarters located in Kuwait, is one of the world's five continent sports associations recognized by the IOC,the only organization to comprehensively manage the Asian Olympic Games,and the plenipotentiary representative for Asian and International Olympic Committees to connect with other continental sports organizations.It is responsible for coordinating sports activities between Asian countries and regions,and promoting the Olympic ideals in Asia to ensure the successful holding of the four-year Asian Games.

(Mr.Zhang Lijing made a discussion with Mr.Ahmed and Mr.Hussein )

  After the successful completion of the signing ceremony, De Xiang became the exclusive provider of rubber runway, artificial grass and services of OCA, and fully service in Asian Games ,Asian Winter Games, Asian Beach Games, Asian Indoor Games and Asian Youth Games those five games,which is subordinate to OCA. At this point, The pace of Dexiang towards the international is being more solid and firm. During the ceremony, the two sides had a deep discussion on the promotion of Asian youth sports, sports culture, sports engineering and so on, and talked about the sports project construction of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. At the same time, they highly praised the EPDM prefabricated rubber runway, and said such environmental health products were required in sports construction, which is a strong contribution to the construction of international sports facilities, but also to enhance and reflect the nobility of sports and the Olympic principles.

(Representative of De Xiang in Vietnam and Prince Ahmad)

  EPDM prefabricated rubber runway is one of the main environmental products of Dexiang. It is also the factor that De Xiang successfully signing with the OCA and the product quality is recognized. Dexiang have a high technical support and experience in the rubber runway material production and related projects. In the various construction of sports, and always adhere the technology research and development and product quality as the basis. To participate in and improve the construction of Olympic sports,is not only a powerful step towards international sports, but also a contribution to the Asian sports facilities. We believe that, on the basis of the mature technology of production and experience, environmental healthy product quality, De Xiang will move toward steadily!

 (Representative of De Xiang in signing ceremony in Vietnam )