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De Xiang EPDM prefabricated rubber runway passed the “the most ......

2016-10-19 10:13:44 Source: DX

De Xiang EPDM prefabricated rubber runway passed the “the most stringent test in history”(Shanghai test standard),telling us what is non-toxic products

  After the "Toxic Runway" incident, the society have given a very high concern on it while the children were injure seriously. As many toxic runway incidents appear frequently at the same time, all kinds of accountability comes out, and many people claim for the new plastic Runway standards to curb the impact of toxic runway. Hereto, the relevant departments respond and take solutions in many citys.

  In July this year, Shanghai issued a group standards about the limit of harmful substances in school run way,which called“the most stringent test in history” (T/310101002—C003—2016).It is a very strict requirements to the raw materials of school plastic runway,as well as the type and the release amount of harmful substance of the product.As a strict enterprise,De Xiang agree to make this industry regularly by such a strict standard。De Xiang contacted with Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences group at the first time,and sent the EPDM Prefabricated rubber runway(Pan Gu)to the test.Pan Gu passed this test as the non-toxic rubber product,and De Xiang keeping the enterprise idea of“Green and environmentally-friendly”.

  There is some new concepts In Shanghai group standard, compared with the existing standard for the detection of harmful substances, the most important change of the new standard is the release amount of volatile organic compound. The release amount of harmful substances is the most direct and effective means to assess the air impact of the materials, so as to truly reflect the release amount of pollutants which impact on human health in the the process of actual use.

  On this basis, the group standard set the temperature of the simulated environment as 60 celsius degrees, if the release of organic compounds of the plastic runway is qualified in such extreme high temperatures, then the runway is safe in the normal lower temperature environment. In the test report of Dexiang EPDM rubber runway,the Pangu is fully meet the standard requirements of the release rate of harmful substances, which is the advantage of DeXiang EPDM prefabricated rubber runway and DeXiang want show to the world .
  As the selection of environmentally friendly primary colors of rubber particles and glue, there is not harmful softeners, plasticizers, such as aralkyl, containing benzene softener in the product, which reached the national food-grade rubber products health standards.

  The reason why the new standard was called "the most stringent in history," is because it not only make the limit of formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other traditional harmful volatile organic compounds, but also make a concept of the total amount. In other words, according to the original standard, it could not detects the organic matter which is not mentioned.

  As passing such a strict standard, the De Xiang EPDM prefabricated rubber runway is sufficient to prove that it can be trusted. In the early days, De Xiang keep the faith of “environmental and non-toxic, green and healthy" , also hope that the De Xiang rubber runway products can be widely used as well as spreading the environmental health concept, and never change for the benefits.