Horses for Sale | Horse Classifieds (2024)

Horses For Sale: 2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding - Own son of Sophisticated Catt SOLD
2012 AQHA Sorrel Gelding- Own son of NCHA futurity winner Sophisticated Catt and out of a NCHA money...

Horses For Sale: 2012 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding- Own son of Autumnator SOLD
2012 Bay Roan Gelding- Own on of Autumnator. Horse really rides. Been used on the ranch and in the feedyard....

Horses For Sale: Head Horse - Ranch Horse SOLD
Cruz is a 9 yr old gelding. Used on the ranch, started on barrels and is a very nice head horse. Call...
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Horses For Sale: Bomb Proof 14H Mare - Awesome Ranch Horse - Turn Back SOLD
Bailey is the coolest little mare ever. She’s gentle for anyone to ride. She has a fabulous handle and...

Horses For Sale: Head Horse SOLD
Joe--Solid Head horse--Old man gentle--Scores great--good for beginners;Heels alsoPosted...
$4500.00 FirmVideo

Horses For Sale: Cutest Sweetest Pony SOLD
This is Tonto he is one of the cutest ponies I’ve ever had for sale. He is 40 inches and 11 years old....

Horses For Sale: Ranch and Rope Horse SOLD
2009 - 15.1hd - 1250pd - buckskin dun gelding, been used in all fazes of ranch work. Good minded gelding...

Horses For Sale: 9 Year Old AQHA Ranch Gelding SOLD
Paco is a 9-year-old bay gelding that has been used to work cattle since the age of 3. Horse has been...

Horses For Sale: Percheron / APHA Cross Gelding SOLD
Big, stout, good boned gelding. Great color. Been trail ridden lots. Has moved a few cattle down the...
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Horses For Sale: 3-IN-1 PACKAGE! OWN dtr of HIGH BROW CAT thats N/N in foal to ROCKIN W + breeding to HIRED GUN! SOLD
This is a hard to find NCHA money earning 11 yo dtr of Cat that is HERDA N/N!! Her mother is a dtr of...
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Horses For Sale: Awesome Reined Cowhorse and Heel Horse SOLD
TS Another Sunrise is a coming 5 year old mare. She was shown all year in the futurities last year winning...

Horses For Sale: Grays Starlight 4 Year Old Filly SOLD
KL SPARKSNSTARLIGHTS WOW ! This really pretty and talented 4 year old filly will get you noticed in...
$8,500.00 NEGVideo

Horses For Sale: Athletic 10 Yr old Bay Ranch Gelding SOLD
Scooter is a stout 10 year old bay gelding, 15hh and around 1150 pounds. He has a big foot, a lot of...

Horses For Sale: 15hh 1300lb Dappled Buckskin Gelding SOLD
Take a look at this big boy! If you like a horse that’s as wide as he is tall and one that isn’t too...

Horses For Sale: SJ Wrigley Dun Sweet (Hollywood Dun It bloodlines) SOLD
This horse is ready to go to work for you!5 Year Old AQHA Dun Gelding. Started Heel Horse. He’s not...

Horses For Sale: All Around Mare SOLD
Pretty, well bred 9 year old QH mare. She can rope/drag calves, shows in weekend cuttings in the reined...

Horses For Sale: 13 Year Old Grey AQHA Gelding SOLD
13 year old, grey, AQHA gelding. Owned for 7 years. He wasn’t started until he was 6, so he has lots...

Horses For Sale: Rodeo Ready Heel Horse SOLD
15 Hand 1100LB Sorrel Gelding. AQHA registered. Sound, clean legged. Really nice heel horse. Good in...

Horses For Sale: Ranch Gelding SOLD
Zoom is 15.1 and weighs 1150. He’s been used outside penning and sorting cattle. I have doctored a few...

Horses For Sale: Royal Romans Jack - 2012 Gray AQHA Gelding SOLD
“Jack” is a gentle dark gray gelding in the prime of his life. He’s very nice broke, pivots on his hind...
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Horses For Sale: WRS Two Peanut Break 5 year old Gelding SOLD
Roman stands 15.3 and weighs around 1250. He is coming along nicely, we having been using him in the...

Horses For Sale: BAR X LEO BAR - Ranch Gelding SOLD
Smurf stands 15.1 and weighs around 1250. This guy has been used out and about for day work and has...

Horses For Sale: SALE PENDING 2016 Gray Filly - Two Eyed Doc Par SOLD
Born 1-26-16, this filly is halter broke, weaned, UTD on shots and wormings. "Dolly" has a star and left...

Horses For Sale: 2016 Sorrel Colt - Two Eyed Doc Wilson SOLD
Proven Cross!!"Big Jake" is a solid sorrel with only a small star and 4 black feet. Born 3-24-16, this...

Horses For Sale: 2016 Gray Colt - Two Eyed Casanovas SOLD
’Joe’ is a gray colt with only a star on him. He is UTD on vaccinations, dewormings, halter broke and...

Horses For Sale: 2 yo filly by BET HESA CAT SOLD
This is a gorgeous mare by Bet Hesa Cat! This mares mother is an earner of $30,000 NCHA. This filly is...
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Horses For Sale: Corona Cartel, Beduino, Streakin Six, The Signature - Bay mare SOLD
Big, tall pretty mare. Lots of speed in her pedigree.Easy to handle. Selling cause I’m retiring. Chance...
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Horses For Sale: SOLD
TS WHISKEY MAN OLENA - 2007 - 14.3 - 1150lb - Ranch/Heel/Trail gelding - quite, sound, good minded gelding....

Horses For Sale: 2014 granddaughter of Haidas Little Pep and CD Royal SOLD
Ima CD Royal Bird is a 2014 AQHA granddaughter of Haidas Little Pep and CD Royal. Her papers are packed...

Horses For Sale: TX Prison RANCH - ROPE Horse SOLD
2005 - 1450lb - 15.2 mare - Tx. correctional facility breeding program - historic breeding program dating...

Horses For Sale: Nice Bay Gelding Ranch - Rope - Sort SOLD
This is Pedro he is a coming 4 year old gelding. This horse rides well and is very willing. He has done...

Horses For Sale: Tigers Star Lad - Head Horse SOLD
Rango stands 15.3 and weighs around #1400. He is stout and solid great bone and foot. He has been hauled...

Fonzi is hands down one of the prettiest roan geldings I’ve ever had the opportunity to ride. This is...

Horses For Sale: Ranch - Head Horse SOLD
This is a one of a kind 4 yr old! He is eligable for the Fall 2017 Pitzer Invatational. Mr stands right...
$7,500.00 make offer

Horses For Sale: PNP Long Socks: Nice 8 year horse SOLD
Super nice lovable 8 year old horse looking for a job. He has done some ranch work and we just got back...

Horses for Sale | Horse Classifieds (2024)


What is the best site to sell a horse? ›

There are some other great horse sale sites such as, manestreetmarket, warmblood horse sales, sporthorse nation, etc. Do some searching around and don't be afraid to post ads in a few different places.

How much commission does the average horse sale take? ›

How Much Should a Client Pay? Depending upon the price of the horse, the equine professional's reputation in the industry and horse's intended use, commissions are typically 10-25% of the sale price. However, a trainer and client can agree upon any level of commission.

Are horses hard to sell? ›

Nearly everyone who has owned a horse has undergone this arduous task, and a full 95% of us have lived to tell about it. From the initial selling decision to finally putting that horse on a trailer to ship to his new servant, the process is riddled with heartache and stupid.

What is the best way to find a horse to buy? ›

One of the most popular ways to find a horse is through online marketplaces such as,, and many others. These sites have vast databases of horses for sale across the country, making it easy to find one that fits your budget and needs.

How much do good horses sell for? ›

The initial price of a horse can range from $500 to $5,000 to $50,000 USD or more, depending on pedigree, performance record, training or development and manners. However, this is just the beginning.

What is the best age to sell a horse? ›

If you think your horse could possibly be very good in a certain sphere and you feel he's not going to reach it with you, it's best to sell while he's on the way up, ideally before he reaches his nine-year-old year as he's still got time to reach his potential.”

What horse sells for the most? ›

Most expensive Flat racehorse

Selling for a cool $70 million (£53.7 million) to the racehorse breeding powerhouse Coolmore Ireland in 2000, Fusaichi Pegasus currently holds the title of the most expensive horse in history.

How do you price horses? ›

Specific breeds can command higher prices based on characteristics and pedigree. Generally, horses in their prime (around 10 years old) are valued higher. Well-trained horses with a good attitude towards work are more appealing to buyers. Good health and regular veterinary check-ups enhance a horse's value.

Do horse breeders make a lot of money? ›

The average Horse Breeder in the US makes $93,883. Horse Breeders make the most in San Jose, CA at $185,361 averaging total compensation 97% greater than US average.

Do horses miss you when you sell them? ›

Knowing this, it can be very sad when you have to sell your horse or leave for long periods of time. Many horses will go to a new home and, after a period, develop positive memories and a strong bond with their new owner. This doesn't mean a horse forgot their owner when they had a strong connection.

Do horses grieve when sold? ›

Based on how closely some horses correspond to the classical signs of clinical depression and on how intense the individual responses can be, the loss of a close companion is felt as sadness by horses, and they certainly can express grief.

What makes a horse worth more? ›

Various factors contribute to a horse's value, including its breed, lineage, age, health, skills, and performance record. While pedigree plays a role, a horse's ability to consistently excel in competition often carries more weight in determining its value.

What are red flags when buying a horse? ›

They may be covering up a training problem, undesirable temperament, a health problem, or lameness. If you encounter a horse for sale exhibiting these signs, just walk away. Don't bother wasting the money on a vet check to confirm your suspicions.

What do I wish I knew before buying a horse? ›

Things to consider when buying your first horse…
  • Knowing what you want.
  • What level of rider are you?
  • Location of the horse.
  • Taking horses on trials.
  • Health History.
  • Current owner behaviour.
  • Accurate Descriptions.
  • Vet Check / Health Checks.

What is the best state to buy horse property in? ›

Here are some of the best cities in the US to own a horse farm.
  • Ocala, Florida. Often trademarked as the “Horse Capital of the World”, Ocala deserves first place on this list. ...
  • Lexington, Kentucky. ...
  • Woodside, California. ...
  • Wellington, Florida. ...
  • San Antonio, Texas. ...
  • Aiken, South Carolina. ...
  • Greenville, South Carolina. ...
  • Conclusion.
Dec 19, 2022

Why can't you sell horses on Facebook? ›

FB has cracked down on animals sale ads so posters are trying get around that. But some posters also might not post price because they want to negotiate or want to not be on a firm price. Or the horse is $$$$$ ( maybe worth the ask or maybe overpriced). I went to Europe, but prices have gone up there as well.

Is there a market for horses? ›

In the United States, the local horse auction, usually held weekly or monthly at county livestock markets, is where people conduct the commercial trade in equines.

Should I pay cash for a horse? ›

Buying a horse or pony with cash is NEVER recommended, and in fact should never be done. Purchasing a horse with cash could result in multiple problems such as the seller denying that he or she ever received the money and their being no receipt of the transaction.

Can you sell a horse on eBay? ›

Pets and most live animals aren't allowed on eBay.

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