Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (2024)

Download & Convert YouTube Video-UniConverter
  • Download video/audio from YouTube directly with one click.
  • Convert YouTube to MP3 with original quality and high speed.
  • Convert YouTube to 1000+ standard formats with GPU acceleration.
  • Edit YouTube files after converting to MP3 or other formats.
  • Other features include recorder, merger, compressor, and so on.

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Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (2)

Converting youtube to mp3 on an iPad comes with a little or more requirement. Without any compromise, there are times you watch and listen to it inspiring, informative, music, funny videos, and more from youtube with interest to convert YouTube to MP3 on iPad but find it a bit hard to achieve. Put all your worries away as we provide the best possible solutions for you to make youtube to mp3 on iPad easy. To discover the bag of goodies we have for you, immerse yourself in this worry-killing article and make life easy for yourself.

Part1. Recommend 3 Mobile Apps to turn YouTube to MP3 for iPad

My Mp3

My MP3 is a YouTube audio converter and downloader. Considering My MP3 to convert youtube to mp3 for an iPad, here are steps to follow to rip MP3 from YouTube successfully.


Go to the App Store and download MyMp3. After this, launch the YouTube to MP3 format app > once it opens, tap on the "Search" button at the top left corner of the application's interface to import the already downloaded video > after selecting the video to be converted, tap "choose" for the video to start converting > when the conversion is done, tap "•••"> select "Open with…" and tap "Save to Files" to save the converted video.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (3)


It offers a built-in player that permits users to play the converted files

Users are allowed to share converted files via social media platforms and mailing platforms.

My MP3 app is completely free


Users can't download youtube to mp3 on iPad using a URL, i.e., you'll need a third-party app to download the YouTube video first before converting it

The app contains ads

There is no bit rate or change format option, i.e., Users are not allowed to set bit rate nor the format they wish to convert the YouTube file


iConv is another one to consider if you're a user searching for mobile apps to convert YouTube to mp3 for iPad. You can follow up on these steps to guide you on achieving that.


Visit App Store to download and install the application software > Launch the iConv > tap on the"+"button at the bottom of the screen > select "Album" to import the video to be converted > tap the thumbnail of the imported video > select "Audio extraction" from the appear menu > select "MP3" as your output format > then finally, tap the red "Convert" button.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (4)


It supports multiple output formats

Users can reduce the time length of the MP3

iConv also allows conversion of word documents


It contains ads

It only offers a 3-days free trial and a paid version later

It has no bit rate option

Media Converter - video to mp3

Here's another option to consider if you're not satisfied with the other two mobile apps listed.



Download and install Media Converter - video to mp3from AppStore > launch the app > tap the"+"center button at the bottom of the interface andload the videoto the interface from your device >tap the uploaded videoandchoose the output format, audio sample, and bit rate from the newly displayed interface > afterward, tap the red "convert" button

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (5)


It is free to use

It supports multiple output formats

It has bit rates ranging from the lowest to the highest


Modifying YouTube to MP3 on an iPad using links is impossible.

It has no editing tool

It has no high-speed conversion feature

This is very sad because the Apple store would never grant you permission to discover or download any youtube to mp3 converter for iPad or iPhone. This is why we've decided to engulf your minds with this amazing problem-solving article where you have listed quality software you can use to download YouTube to mp3 directly from youtube using links without having to download the video first before converting it to mp3.

Part2. How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3 And Then Transfer Them To The iPad?

UniConverter 13

Indubitably, UniConverter13 is a beautiful software designed as a media workshop that permits users to directly download YouTube to mp3 instantaneously from YouTube by simply copying and pasting URLs into its friendly interface with a guarantee to use a transferable feature it has in its possession to send the converted MP3 to an iPad or iPhone. Aside from the fact that the media working tool can be used to download YouTube mp3 for iPad, it also offers other media working tools like a converter, video downloader, compressor, audio and video merger, video editor, screen recorder, DVD burner, media player, and more. If this solution interests you, you can follow the steps below:


Download and Install the UniConverter 13 on your PC >Launch itand click on the "Downloader" on the left side of the displayed interface once the software opens > Now minimize it and go to YouTube tocopy the URLof the file to be converted > maximize the minimized converter and paste the copied link to the interface for analysis.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (6)


Now, from the analysis window, select an MP3 format with any bitrate you'd like to convert to from the "Download Audio" domain > click the "Download" button to start downloading the audio file > once downloading is done, access the converted file from the "Finished" tab you'll see at the top of the downloader's interface.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (7)


Without exiting or terminating the UniConverter 13 windows, Click "Transfer" at the right side of the software's interface > ensure that there's a proper connection between your iPad and your PC using an Apple USB cable, install Apple drive, give the password and trust the PC. > Once this is ensured, your converted file will appear on the available interface > Click on the "Transfer" or "Transfer All" button to move the files to your iPad.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (8)


UniConverter 13 allows users to use its High-Speed conversion feature

The YouTube to mp3 converter for iPad allows batch downloading and conversion

It supports multiple audio and video formats


It only supports Mac and Windows OS

Users cannot utilize the software's downloader if they are not Pro version users

The High-speed conversion feature can only be active if you're a Pro version user

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (9)

Wondershare UniConverter 13 - Best Video Converter for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

UniConverter supports many formats and handles conversion equally, ensuring that high quality is delivered at all times.

During the conversion process, you may add multiple files since the program does batch conversion of files.

You can use the editing suite to make your results creative masterpieces.

This software facilitates file transfer to devices like Android and iPhone among others once the conversion is complete.

UniConverter is also capable of handling video compression hence ensures you acquire the video sizes you desire.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino is another amazing software to use whenever you're considering converting youtube to mp3 for iPad or iPhone. The intuitive software is specially designed to download media files from top streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and more. Without concluding so fast, If you'd like to use Softorino YouTube Converter 2, you can scroll down to the how-to-use steps to guide you in no time.


Download and install Softorino YouTube Converter 2on your PC > once it's installed,launch the softwareand ensure that youriOS device is connectedto your PC using a USB cable.


Now, you can use the software's built-in browser to search YouTube for the file to be converted to mp3. Alternatively, you can copy the URL of the files to be downloaded directly from YouTube > the information about the file to be downloaded displays.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (10)


After this, Under the "Convert to" domain, click on the "Audio" tab and select "mp3"> choose a device you'd like to save the file to under the "Save to" domain > Finally, click on the "Convert and Transfer To iPad" button below to finish the whole process.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (11)

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (12)


Users are permitted to directly save converted files to an iOS device from the point of conversion

It supports iTunes File sharing

It also supports batch conversion


It has limited output audio formats (mp3 and AAC only)

It has no High-speed conversion feature

It has no bit rate option to download youtube mp3 for iPad


HitPaw is another powerful video converter that could be considered as a youtube to mp3 converter for iPads. The software is productively created as a video converter to permit users to convert downloaded videos media files from streaming platforms easily on a PC. If you wish to use this offline, you can follow the guideline below.


First,download and install HitPawon the PC >Launch the video converter.

Once it opens, click on the "Download" tab.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (13)


Go to YouTube > ensure youcopy the URLof the file to be converted in no time, then go back to HitPaw to paste the copied link by clicking on the "+ Paste URL" button at the top left side of the interface. Immediately you paste the copied URL, the software analyses it in a snap.


Choose the available audio format from the appeared window with bit rate attached to it under the "Download Audio" section and click the "Download" button below the window.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (14)


HitPaw supports batch conversion

Available editing tools

It allows users to download videos of different qualities


Users can't download directly to MP3 format but only m4a

It only supports two-bit rate option that doesn't allow a user to download in the highest quality

It offers a paid version. You can check below to know the price for each plan

Note: this listed software is only compatible with PCs but offers you an opportunity to transfer the downloaded YouTube to MP3 to an iPad.

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Part3. How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPad Using Online Platforms


YTmp3 is an online solution for an individual desperately searching for a youtube mp3 converter iPad to use. The software gives users the chance to download and convert media files from multiple media streaming platforms and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and more. If you're wondering how to download YouTube videos on iPad and convert videos using this online solution, you can follow the steps below.


Load the Ytmp3 on a browseron your device > go to YouTube tocopy the URLof the video to be converted to mp3 > Go back to the loaded YouTube mp3 on your browser andpaste the copied URL> select "mp3"> Click on "Convert" beside the paste link bar > wait patiently, click on "Download" when it's done to save it.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (15)


It's free to use

As a youtube mp3 converter online, it is direct and simple to use

Users are also allowed to download videos


YTMP3 contains ads

It doesn't support batch conversion

It has no bit rate option

It only supports mp3 & mp4 formats


Loader.To is another software we can suggest to you since you're a reader of this article if you'd love to download YouTube to mp3 online using an iPad. Since it's browser-based software, there are no two ways about it. All you need to do is


Load the online softwareto a browser > open the YouTube app on your device tocopy the link addressof the video you want to convert or use the web-based YouTube > Then back to Loader.To andpaste the copied linkto the "URL" bar> select "mp3" by clicking the "format dropdown" option > click on the "Download" button and wait patiently for the file to be converted to mp3 > Now click on the second "Download" button to save it to your device.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (16)


It is free and simple to use

It supports audio and video formats

It supports iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows devices


It has no high-speed conversion feature

It contains ads and always gives redirection to another webpage when you want to download the file

It does not support batch conversion


Just in case you're not satisfied using the listed online solutions. Alternatively, you can use YTop1 – as it's an online software that permits users to modify YouTube to mp3 on an iPad through a browser on your device. To utilize YTmp3 on your iPad, you can follow the steps below.


Load YTmp3 on any browseravailable on your iPad > ensure that you've copied the URL of the YouTube file to be converted > once the online software is loaded, paste the link to the "Copy and paste link here"bar and wait for the software to analyze the file > click the "Download File kbps" dropdown option and select the quality you want > Finally, click on the green "Download" button to save it.

Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (17)


It has an automatic analytical feature

It is free and has a user-friendly interface

It offers bit rate options


YTop1 doesn't support multiple audio formats

It doesn't support iTunes file sharing I.e If you convert youtube to mp3 on an iPad using YTmp3, you can't save the file to the Apple Music app or iTunes

It contains ads and doesn't support batch conversion

Note: As convincing and pleasing as it may be, using an online YouTube MP3 converter on an iPad would do nothing but only complicate your worries in terms of long downloading time, converting using a poor network connection, limitations of using exclusive features, opening your device to bugs and viruses online, and many more.


We've played our part in providing the possible way you can convert YouTube video to MP3 on iPad, Pro, mini, or Air. So if you look forward to using an iOS mobile converter – you would only stress yourself because you'll be needing a third-party app to download videos from YouTube, and if it's the online solution you're considering, you'll do nothing but bring damage to your device and be denied to utilize effective features to enhance your conversion. At this point, the only reasonable options you're left with are the offline solution, although they have their limitations too. Now that the ball is in your court, we hope you play it well.

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Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air (2024)


Top 9 Tools to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad Pro/mini/Air? ›

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Method 3. Transfer MP3 to iPad Using iTunes
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  2. Go to "File" > "Add File to Library" to add the MP3 files to your iTunes library.
  3. Click the "Device" button in iTunes and choose "Music".
  4. Choose "Sync Music".
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